About Nido

The name Nido means “nest” in Italian to convey the spirit of the infant environment. We want the best for our little ones and believe that our surroundings influence us from the very beginning. Babies are tactile and explore their environment using all evolving senses.

Nido offers beautiful, expertly-curated, and age-appropriate toys for the minimalist parent and chicest baby. Each piece is carefully curated from artists and artisans around the world. For this, Nido partners with an AMI-certified Montessori primary teacher with years of experience guiding children in the classroom. We provide six gender-neutral collections that are purposeful, calm, and pure while meeting each developmental event as your baby explores the world emerging around them.

Before offering these items to your baby, always check to make sure that they are still safe for baby by your own parental standards or consulting your pediatrician. Be sure to use all materials under adult supervision at all times.


About Laura

I am a mother to two young girls, a fashion stylist, and art director living in San Francisco. After my daughter Isla was born, I found myself searching for baby items that were developmental, safe for mouthing, and beautiful to be around. So many products are overwhelming for a baby’s first sensory experience of the world. I founded Nido to fulfill both the wishes of the child and the parent. Our hope is to make your life a little simpler while allowing more time for bonding and adjusting to life with a newborn.

- Laura Bogert, Nido founder