The name "Nido" means nest in Italian, and convey's the spirit of the infant environment. 

I am a mom, fashion stylist and art director living in San Francisco. After my daughter Isla was born, I found myself searching for baby items that were developmental, safe for mouthing, and beautiful to be around. So many products are overwhelming for a new baby's first sensory experience of the world. Nido fulfills both the wishes of the child and the parent. Our hope is to make your life a little simpler, while allowing more time for bonding and adjusting to life with a precious newborn.

-Laura Bogert, Founder

I am an AMI certified Montessori Primary teacher who has spent the last ten years guiding children in the classroom. With a background in child development, I love supporting individuality and nurturing self-discovery. Bringing Montessori into the home at the start of life is such a wonderful way to foster babies' independence. I have loved watching my daughter explore and work with the objects that Nido has to offer.
-Cheryl Chretien, Montessori Educator