We want the best for our little ones and believe that our surroundings and what we are exposed to influence us from the very beginning. Babies are tactile and explore their environments using all evolving senses. Nido offers beautiful, expertly curated, age appropriate toys for the minimalist parent. Each piece is carefully chosen from artists and merchants around the world. All collections are made with natural dyes, wood or organic materials and are produced in a way that cares for the earth and its workers. Bringing Montessori into the home at the start of life is a wonderful way to foster your baby's independence. Nido partners with AMI-certified Montessori primary teachers, who have spent years guiding children in the classroom. Their expertise in child development, supporting individuality, and nurturing self-discovery has helped shape Nido's offerings. We provide six gender neutral collections that are purposeful, calm and pure while meeting each developmental event as your baby explores the world around them.

Before offering materials to your baby, always check to make sure they are still safe for baby. Use all materials under adult supervision at all times.